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ACS510 inverter operation report 16 (ground fault)

Jan 07,2022 | simplybuy industrial

Related tools

  • Digital multimeter, analog mechanical watch, Phillips screwdriver, hexagon socket screwdriver.
  • Three-phase 380V AC power supply, 380V three-phase asynchronous motor.


1. Connect the three-phase power supply and the three-phase motor to the inverter. It will be 16 (ground fault) after power-on and cannot be reset. Generally: the power board is broken, and the module may be broken. Remove the module, and the inverter will report 18 ( Sensor failure) This can be shielded. After shielding, see if the inverter reports 16 (ground fault). If it still reports, it means that the module is good and the power board is bad. The module can also be opened to see if there are any obvious burnt marks inside. Generally, it is good to have no burnt marks. Another method is to use the analog mechanical watch to trigger the firing angle of the IGBT, and to see the conduction of the module to judge whether the IGBT is good or bad.

2. If 16 is not reported when the power is turned on, the panel is running, and 16 is reported immediately. This is generally a bad module. Change the module, also look at the drive circuit.

3. In the above two situations, another aspect is that the motherboard is broken. This situation is rare, but it is not uncommon. Remember, the first test the machine with a good motherboard.


Pay attention to safety when powering on, especially when measuring the line voltage. Take notes, and you can check it next time.