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VW3A3720 Schneider communication module EtherNet IP/Modbus TCP

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Range of Product Altivar
Product or Component Type Communication module
Range compatibility Altivar Process ATV600
Altivar Process Modular
Communication Port Protocol Modbus TCP
Electrical connection 2 connectors RJ45, Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP
Transmission Rate 10/100 Mbps
Exchange mode Half duplex and full duplex
Communication service SNMP agent Ethernet IP
Modbus TCP server Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP
Ethernet/IP adapter Ethernet IP
RSTP support Ethernet IP
FTP Ethernet IP
ODVA AC drive and CiA 402 profile Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP
Auto-MDIX Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP
32 parameters IN - 32 parameters OUT implicit messaging Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP
FDR Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP
Communication Network Type IPv6 (internet protocol)
Topology Daisy chain
Time synchronisation protocol SNTP
Web server Embedded HTTP server
Web services Save/restore drive configuration
Drive setting and diagnostic
Energy monitoring
Widgets (ID, control, data table, diagnostic, charts)
Upgrade drive firmware
Customizable home page
Drive monitor
Pump function setting and monitoring
Ethernet setting and diagnostic
Display type 1 LED MS (Module Status)
1 LED NS (Network Status)
1 LED TX/RX (Transmit/Receive port 1)
1 LED TX/RX (Transmit/Receive port 2)
Bus profile CIP AC Drive
CiA 402
Net Weight 0.44 lb(US) (0.2 kg)