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Schneider TM241CE40T Logic controller Modicon M241

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range of product Modicon M241
product or component type Logic controller
[Us] rated supply voltage 24 V DC
discrete input number 24, discrete input 8 fast input conforming to IEC 61131-2 Type 1
discrete output type Transistor
discrete output number 16 transistor 4 fast output
discrete output voltage 24 V DC for transistor output
discrete I/O number 40
supply voltage limits 20.4…28.8 V
inrush current 50 A
power consumption in W 32.6…40.4 W (with max number of I/O expansion module)
discrete input logic Sink or source
discrete input voltage 24 V
discrete input voltage type DC
discrete output logic Positive logic (source)
output voltage limits 30 V DC
maximum current per output common 2 A
maximum leakage current 5 µA for output
maximum voltage drop <1 V
maximum tungsten load <2.4 W
data backed up 128 MB built-in flash memory for backup of user programs
data storage equipment <= 16 GB SD card (optional)
battery type BR2032 lithium non-rechargeable, battery life: 4 year(s)
backup time 2 years at 25 °C
realtime clock With
clock drift <= 60 s/month at 25 °C
supply (Serial 1)serial link supply: 5 V, <200 mA
communication port protocol Non isolated serial link: Modbus master/slave
port Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX - 1 port(s) copper cable
marking CE
web services Web server
height 90 mm
depth 95 mm
width 190 mm
net weight 0.62 kg