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Shipping Policy

1. Delivery time

For all products in stock, the delivery time is 3-5 natural days. For products that are not in stock, they will be shipped according to the product description or the delivery date confirmed with the customer, which is subject to the delivery date confirmed with the customer.

2. Shipping

We provide delivery in most parts of the world, except for places that cannot be reached due to force majeure, all shipping costs, according to the order weight, will be reflected on the checkout page, we have different shipping methods to choose, Standard (If the weight is less than 2kg, send to the United States, it is recommended to choose Standard, low-cost shipping for ultra-small pieces, 7-12 working days), FEDEX-IP, DHL, if you do not have an optional shipping fee, please contact customer service to confirm the shipping fee, and we will upload the corresponding shipping template for you to choose. If you wish to ship through your account or freight forwarder, please contact customer service before purchasing and we will not charge you for shipping.

3. Logistics

After you select the freight and place the order, we will deliver the goods within the delivery time. After delivery, we will send the courier information (including the courier number, shipment tracking link URL) to the customer's mailbox, so that you can follow up at any time. If you find that you have not received it, or the courier information received is incorrect, please contact customer service for confirmation or modification.

4. Description of customs duties

Our freight only includes the cost of transporting products, not including customs duties and other fees, which need to be paid by customers themselves.