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Schneider molded case circuit breaker correct installation and wiring method

Jun 15,2023 | simplybuy industrial

Schneider molded case circuit breaker is a commonly used type of circuit breaker, and has been widely used in industry and agriculture, transportation, mining, civil construction and national defense and other departments. Many people probably don't know much about the installation of Schneider molded case circuit breakers. Next, let's get to know them together following the introduction of the editor.

schneider molded case circuit breaker

How to install Schneider molded case circuit breaker

1. The Schneider molded case circuit breaker should be installed vertically, and before installation, check whether the technical parameters listed on the nameplate of the circuit breaker meet the requirements for use.

2. The circuit breaker should be manually operated several times before power-on, and its mechanism action should be flexible and reliable without any blockage.

3. Press the close button (black), the circuit is in the ON state; press the OFF button (red), the circuit is in the OFF state.

4. During use, the circuit breaker should be checked regularly (usually one month), that is, when the circuit breaker is closed and energized, the test button (the test button is represented by the symbol "Test") should be pressed, and the circuit breaker should be reliably disconnected. 

schneider moulded case circuit breakers

5. When the circuit breaker is disconnected due to an overload or short-circuit fault on the line, the fault should be eliminated before the circuit breaker is re-closed.

6. This circuit breaker is non-maintenance type, so when the circuit breaker breaks down and cannot work normally, the user is not allowed to open the circuit breaker for maintenance without authorization.

7. When using the current adjustment knob, it must be adjusted to the corresponding position according to the actual current of the line, and please do not overload it.

What is the correct wiring method of Schneider circuit breaker

There are 3 wires from the large electric meter to the home, red and blue flowers in three colors. You can use an air switch with leakage protection as the master control switch (A0). In addition, there are three ordinary air switches to control the lights in the house (A1), Air conditioner (A2), socket (A3). Viewed from the front, there are 2 wiring posts on the top of A0, an N symbol is engraved on the right, and there are also 2 wiring posts below, and an N symbol is engraved on the right; A1, A2, and A3 are the same, and there are A wiring post. The 3 wires are distinguished: the red live wire (L), the blue neutral wire (N), and the flower wire is the ground wire (E/PE/G/GND), and the ground wire is usually yellow and green. When installing the indoor circuit, the switch should be installed on the front, the upper end is the incoming line, the lower end is the outgoing line, and the ground wire does not enter the switch.

mccb wiring

1. Connect the indoor line: the letter N marked at the bottom is connected to the neutral line (blue), and all the indoor zero lines are connected here. A1 is connected to the live line of the lighting line (light) at the bottom, and A2 is connected to the socket line at the bottom. Fire wire branch, connect the fire line branch of the air conditioner line at the bottom A3.

2. Connect to the household line: connect the neutral wire (blue) to the upper N, connect the live wire (red) to the upper L, and the ground wire does not need to enter the switch.