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Installation method of AC contactor

Dec 16,2021 | simplybuy industrial

1. Before installation, check whether the technical data such as the rated voltage and rated current of the coil meet the requirements; check whether the contacts are in good contact and whether there is any jamming; the newly installed contactor should be wiped off the anti-rust oil on the surface of the iron core.

2. The contactor should generally be installed on a vertical surface, and the inclination should not exceed 5°. For contactors with heat dissipation holes, the heat dissipation holes should be placed up and down to facilitate heat dissipation.

3. When installing and wiring, do not lose the parts inside the contactor to avoid jamming or short circuit failure.

4. The fixing screws should be tightened to prevent vibration during operation.

5. When metal beads appear on the surface of the contact due to arc, they should be filed in time. However, the oxide film on the surface of silver and silver alloy contacts does not need to be filed because of the small contact resistance, otherwise, the life of the contact will be shortened.

6. The contacts of the contactor should be cleaned regularly, but oiling is not allowed.