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LC1-D contactor

Jun 12,2023 | simplybuy industrial

LC1-D contactors are used in circuits with AC 50Hz or 60Hz, AC voltage up to 660V (690V), rated working current up to 170A when the working voltage is 380V under AC-3 usage category, for long-distance making and breaking It can be combined with thermal relays of corresponding specifications to form a magnetic starter to protect circuits that may be overloaded. The contactor is suitable for frequently starting and controlling AC motors.

  • Product features

    * AC, DC and DC low power consumption control loops.
    *It can form a variety of starters, non-reversing or reversing contactors, star-delta starters, autotransformer starters
    *Connection method: spring terminal, Everlink terminal, screw connection, ring terminal and quick connection method
    *The new 40~65A contactor adopts Everlink connection technology, and the connection with the circuit breaker is simple and reliable
    * Complete certification: CE, CCC, CSA, UL, DNV, BV, LROS, etc.
    * Covering the rated current range from 9 to 150A.
    * Mechanical life up to 20 million times, electrical life up to 2 million times.
    *With 50Hz-60Hz universal coil, it can be used all over the world.
    * Modular accessories, suitable for all sizes of contactors.
    *4 different terminal blocks are available.
    *More specifications and stronger selectivity.


  • Advantages and application scope


    Integrated control
    LC1-D contactor is easy to install and compact in size. The width of 9~38A is 45mm, and the width of 40~65A is only 55mm, and it complies with various international standards. The 40-65A new contactor adopts Everlink wiring technology. Everlink terminal block is the latest patented technology of Schneider, which can ensure the permanent firmness of the connection.

    Application scope

    1. Industry, infrastructure, construction
    2. Tesys D contactor can be used in any occasion that requires a motor starter

  • Installation working conditions

    Ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃. The average value within 24 hours does not exceed +35°C;
    Altitude: no more than 2000m;
    Atmospheric conditions: The relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50% at +40°C. Higher relative humidity is possible at lower temperatures. The monthly average minimum temperature of the wettest month does not exceed +25°C. The relative humidity should not exceed 90%, and the condensation on the product due to temperature changes should be considered.
    Installation conditions: the inclination between the installation surface and the vertical surface is not more than ±5°;
    Shock vibration: The product should be installed and used in a place without significant shaking, shock and vibration.